Making Hiren’s Boot USB Flashdisk for Versions 9.7 and 9.8

To make your own Hiren Boot USB Flashdisk versions 9.7 and 9.8 there needs to be a program that is different from the program used from the previous version. Although different, overall, the method is not as complicated as the previous version. You can see the difference by listening to how to Make Hiren’s Boot CD from Flashdisk 9.6 and below which I previously reviewed.

You no longer need to make a copy of the MSDOS Operating System and add it to the Flashdisk. Simply you download the necessary tools, follow the installation step by step. Do not believe? Please see the following method and see for yourself:)

To start this practice, you need to prepare the following hardware and programs:

  1. A computer with a healthy Windows operating system and a USB Flashdisk with a minimum size of 256MB. I recommend that you choose a flash drive with a maximum size of 4GB to reduce the possibility of trouble when booting.
  2. USB Disk Storage Format (34KB). This formatter has the same function as HPUSBFW.EXE which I conveyed in the previous post.
  3. Grub4DOS (147KB) . This program is used to install the Bootloader for your flash disk. This program replaces the MSDOS file system function in the previous version. It also includes two files which you will have to copy onto your USB Flashdisk.
  4. Hirens Boot CD version 9.7 or version 9.8. Open the post. Find the Hiren’s Boot CD download link at the bottom of the article to get Hiren’s ISO File. When finished, you can burn it directly to a CD or directly insert it into a Virtual Drive using a program such as Virtual CD, Virtual Drive, or DaemonTools just to meet the needs of making Hiren’s Boot USB.


  1. Plug in your USB flash drive, extract it and run the USB Disk Storage Format . Select your USB flash drive in the ‘ Devices ‘ section. Select File System ‘ FAT32 ‘, end by clicking ‘Start ‘.

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