Note: Error Code List – Canon Printer Blink Error

Since the Pixma 1300 series was released, Canon has embedded the same error code on its printers, including some of the latest types of printers, let’s call it the IP2770. These printers will provide a blinking error code if you have a problem. What are the error messages behind the blinking Canon Printer? Please refer to the following brief notes.

The most common thing is, when the printer is turned on, the green light is fully lit (read = normal) without blinking. But then when it is used for a new print it flashes and is accompanied by a warning window on your monitor screen as in the illustration below, it means that the printer reports that your ink cartridge is thought to have run out. This case only occurs after installing a new cartridge or refilling it with an original cartridge. This ink run time calculation is based on the amount of printer usage and the maintenance (cleaning and deep-cleaning) processes that have been carried out. So sometimes reporting that printer ink has run out is not always the same as the real condition. Especially if your printer has used ink infusion.

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